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ON THIS deal from a spring foursome of some years ago, South (Dave Kendrick) set a little trap for the defence. Not many declarers would even have thought of the idea and (manifestly) neither did West!

West opened with a weak Two Hearts and, after two passes, South had a problem. Double was a possibility, suggesting spade support, but, as a response of Three Diamonds would have been unwelcome, Kendrick finally settled for 2 No-trumps. At least, if partner was interested in progress and also held four spades, he could explore with Three Hearts. At it was, North had no difficulty in raising to game in no-trumps.

West led !K against 3 No-trumps and prospects were not good. Even if the clubs behaved, there were only eight tricks for East was a strong favourite to hold the missing #K. Deciding that his vulnerable opponent held a six-card suit for his opening, declarer won immediately.

The card that he played at trick two was an extremely well chosen 45! West covered with six, confident that declarer proposed winning with dummy's king but, as you can see, 46 was the lowest missing spade and dummy was able to play low safely, leaving East to overtake. He returned a spade but declarer simply cashed all of his black suit winners, ending in hand, then exited with his last spade to East's jack, With nothing but diamonds left, East had to lead into dummy's tenace and that was the ninth trick.

Of course, West should have inserted 410 at trick two, but he simply did not consider that there was any possible danger in following with his six.

Game all; dealer West


4K 3

!7 5 4

#A Q 4 2

2Q 8 7 5

West East

4Q 10 6 4J 9 8 7

!K Q J 9 6 2 !3

#J 8 #K 10 9 7 5

29 6 2J 3 2


4A 5 4 2

!A 10 8

#6 3

2A K 10 4