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TO COMBINE constructiveness with obstruction when you have a part score is always difficult. There are many factors to be considered and only some principles are firmly established. Usually, in an unopposed auction an advance beyond what is necessary for game is considered a mild slam try, but sometimes only bidding enough for game may allow the opponents in on the act.

Another common practice (with a part score of 60 or more) is that an opening bid of 1 No-trumps may be based on anything between 11 and 19 points, irrespective of what no-trump range has been agreed.

This all brings me to this deal - what would be your choice of opening bid with the South hand? One Heart allows East-West too much scope; Two Hearts, although not, as usual, forcing for one round, will be passed by North (who knows that his partner could not open Two Clubs) and again will let them in, and a heavy 1 No-trumps gives both opponents a chance.

I like the solution my partner found - he opened 2 No-trumps! Rather neat; if I had been strong, he had enough playing tricks to co-operate, and it effectively discouraged any enterprise from the opponents. There were nine tricks after a diamond lead and - wait for it! - we'd have had no defence against an adverse spade game.

Love all; North-South

601 dealer South


4J 3

!J 8 7 6 4

#J 10 3

2A J 5

West East

4Q 10 4 4K 9 8 7 5 2

!5 2 !none

#A Q 8 7 6 2 #9 4

210 8 2K 9 6 4 3


4A 6

!A K Q 10 9 3

#K 5

2Q 7 2