Quiz of the year

War in Kosovo, Clinton on trial, Tracey's bed, United's treble, Posh and Becks, Edward and Sophie, and a new Blair on the way. So what else do you remember about 1999?


1 What did the Prince of Wales give Prince William for his 17th birthday?

2 Who said, "Haven't they read the papers?" when his former employer was still paying him two months after he left to join a rival?

3 What delay prompted an apology from the Home Secretary?

4 Who came home after 43 months in a foreign jail?

5In a suburb of which city were 21 houses damaged by a tornado?

6 What television era came to an end on 5 March?

7 Which town welcomed the return of Rodin's The Kiss 80 years after it was deemed unsuitable for public display?

8 What happened at 3.45pm on Thursday 8 July?

9 Who walked out of a radio programme when Jeremy Paxman accused him of being a fraud?

10 Who threw a critic out of his restaurant?

11 Over what cause did a 15-year-old girl set fire to herself outside the Greek embassy in London?

12 The first refugees from the Balkan conflict flew into which airport?

13 In which vote was the result 352 for and 32 against?

14Who died 23 days after being appointed to the Order of Merit?

15 An earthquake struck which Welsh town?


1 Which best-selling author was run over while walking near his New England home?

2 Which Mediterranean island had its heaviest snow fall for 94 years?

3 Who was unable to attend her husband's funeral for fear she would not be allowed back into her own country?

4On her first assignment as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, who offended the Catholic Church in the Philippines when she advocated birth control?

5 What happened in the village of Galtur that caused the deaths of 38 people?

6 Whose remains were found 75 years after he disappeared?

7 Whose ashes turned up in a Turin library?

8 In which city did the authorities spray pesticide all around to kill mosquitoes carrying encephalitis?

9Where was a plague of rats blamed on El Nino?

10 How old was Dou Dou, the world's oldest panda, when he died in China in July?

11Where did the growing number of apes lead to a call for them to be issued with contraceptive pills?

12 In which city was Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper unveiled after 22 years of restoration?

1 Who flew round the world with a bra millionairess?

2 What was the turn-out percentage in Britain in the Euro elections?

3 Who was second in the Lib-Dem leadership contest?

4 Who became the country's most senior non-elected politician?

5 Name two senior members of the Government who flew in the face of David Blunkett's recommendation that parents should not take their children out of school to go on holiday.

6 Which minister was exposed as having three homes?

7 Who replaced Geoffrey Robinson as Paymaster General?

8What kind of revolution did William Hague call for?

9 Who was appointed deputy first minister in the new Northern Ireland assembly?

10Two British European Commissioners were among the 20 who resigned after a report detailed a culture of nepotism and corruption in Brussels. Who were they?

11Who outed Peter Man-delson on Newsnight?

12What prompted the restoration of full diplomatic relations between Britain and Libya?


1. Who is this man and why was he in trouble?

2. What male bastion did this woman

break into?

3. What discovery showed that Albert Einstein deserved the title `egg-head'?

4. Where is this and what took place here?

5. Who was the reluctant resident of this house?

6. Who is this woman and how did she make political history?

7. Who led these protests and also announced that he would be standing down as an MP?

8. What room is being restored?

9. Who is holding the trophy in which these photographers are reflected?

10. In which country are these bottles of Coca-Cola being cleared and why?

11. Who is celebrating his 70th birthday?

12. These people in south-west France are clearing up in the aftermath of what protest?


1 Who first played someone who was merely unwell and returned a decade later to play them when they were actually dead?

2 Which artist's most expensive ever work was sold for pounds 36.8m in New York?

3 Which English actress was the voice of Jane in Disney's Tarzan?

4 Who went back after 36 years and played for 45 minutes?

5 Which film received a video release 25 years after it was first screened in the cinema?

6 Who was appointed to succeed Bernard Haitink as music director of the Royal Opera House?

7 How did Pierce Brosnan follow in the footsteps of Steve McQueen?

8 Which musical did the Queen go to that she had first seen a production of in 1947?

9 Which Dutchman might you have seen 38 times in London?

10 Who objected when her portrait was put up at No 10?

11 Marc Norman and which co-writer won the Oscar for Best Screenplay?

12 How did Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick find success?

13 Which theatre critic directed a West End play by his godfather?

14 Who criticised the art in the Turner Prize for being un-British?

15 In a National Theatre survey of leading theatre figures, what was voted best play of all time?

16 Who received a Bafta lifetime achievement award and devoted her acceptance speech to an attack on quarantine laws?

17 Who will Simon Rattle replace as music director of the Berlin Philharmonic?

18 Name two playwrights who played themselves on the West End stage in 1999

19 Who was dropped from a Royal Ballet tour of Japan only hours before the company left?

20 Simon Fuller, ex-manager of the Spice Girls, created which new group?


1 In which European country did interest rates fall to 0.5 per cent?

2 What caused a furore when it ended up worth only a dollar?

3 Who bought Asda for pounds 6.7bn?

4 Who bought Guardian Royal Exchange for pounds 3.4bn?

5 Who lost pounds 250m and wanted to be called Elizabeth?

6 Coopers and Lybrand were ordered to pay fines and costs of pounds 3.5m for failing in its audit work for whom?

7 He had donated pounds 55,000 to the Labour Party but had to resign his membership. Why?

8 According to a UN report published in July, which is the most prosperous country in the world?

9 Who accused women tennis players of being greedy for wanting equal prize money with men?

10 Worth an estimated $3bn, who was the highest-placed Briton in a Forbes survey of dollar billionaires?

11 What is free but is valued by the City at pounds 5bn?

12 Whose new contract was worth pounds 52,000 a week?


Of those who died this year, who:

1 Played Detective Ron Craven?

2 Was known as the "Plucky Little King"?

3 Sang "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"?

4 Never allowed his driver to go faster than 30mph?

5 At the moment of his greatest triumph remained in his seat while his colleagues leapt out of theirs in celebration?

6 Was known as the "Singing Cowboy"?

7 Wrote The Bell?

8 Fell to his death trying to adjust his television aerial?

9 Invented the hovercraft?

10 Founded a magazine called George?

11 Had been married to Marilyn Monroe?

12 Was an actor-turned-novelist?

13 Wrote an autobiography titled No Time To Die?

14 Wrote an autobiography titled Now and Then?

15 Sang "Pop Goes the Weasel"?


1 Jack Kevorkian

2 Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard

3 Jamie Shea

4 William Rehnquist

5 Tim Westwood

6 jane.com

7 Anthony Sawoniuk

8 Jean van der Velde

9 Adam Crozier

10 Lord Hoffman


1 Who became only the second bowler to take all 10 wickets in a Test innings?

2 Which former Manchester United player left the European Cup final early, thus missing his team's dramatic late victory?

3 Which city's bid to host the 2002 Winter Olympic Games led to the suspension of six International Olympic Committee members?

4 Connect the following: Pakistan, France, and France?

5 Why did Donald Findlay resign as vice-president of Rangers' Football Club?

6 What was significant about the boxing match in Las Vegas in which Francois Botha was knocked out in the fifth round?

7 Who was appointed acting England football between Glenn Hoddle's tenure and that of Kevin Keegan?

8 The first major contest between US and Cuban teams for 40 years took place in Havana. What was the sport?

9 Which team were dismissed for 51, their lowest ever Test score? And by whom?

10 Who became National Hunt racing's most successful jockey in history by riding his 1,679th winner at Wincanton in April?

11 Who was Justin Leonard's European opponent when the Americans invaded the 17th green on the final day of the Ryder Cup?

12 Which team became the FA Cup's first ever lucky loser?


1 Cherie Blair's baby was conceived in one of which three countries?

2 The surname of which ex-Beatle was the name given to which couple's new-born baby boy?

3 "What do you find attractive about a nerd with pounds 18bn?" To whom did the Sun newspaper address this question?

4 Who wrote a book in which she accused her ex-husband of having drunk too much and having had half a dozen affairs?

5 Who was found, by a deoxyribonucleic acid test, not to be father of a baby of a black prostitute?

6 Who said that she and her husband liked to "lie in bed and watch old movies"?

7 Outside a party at which London hotel did the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles arrange for press photographers to snap them?

8 What was unusual about the wedding in Birmingham of Greg Cordell and Carla Germaine?

9 Who, according to the woman involved, shared a mistress with Thomas Longstreth?

10 Who was arrested five hours before he was due to get married?

11. What was special about 11 April?

12 Jackie Stallone, fortune-teller and mother of Sly, has an unusual method for predicting the future. What is it?


1 I constantly question whether

my hair needs cutting, but not if constitutional reform is right.

2 My show is the stupidest show on TV. If you are watching it, get a life. I would not watch my show. My show is a circus. That's all it is.

3 I feel that for only eight minutes I should only get a little bit of him.

4 I'm anti-titles. I didn't want one. I'd abolish them at once.

5 You have an argument about buying white or brown bread in the supermarket and the next day you read you are divorcing.

6 I have only just got out of the habit of jumping in the back of a car and wondering why it doesn't move off.

7 As far as I am concerned the only proper place for lawyers in the NHS is on the operating table.

8 If I am one of Blair's babes, well, I've been called a damn sight worse.

9 From here on it's downhill all the way.

10 I'd like to introduce a buffet car on the Circle Line, so people could stay on going round and round getting sloshed.

11 If an athlete is suppressing their sexuality, they can't really perform at their best.

12 We would be a better country if we chucked image in the dustbin and got on with being genuine.


1 What vegetable triggered a row between the Royal Society, Britain's most distinguished scientific body, and The Lancet, the oldest medical journal in the world, and why?

2 The government's chief scientific adviser said we were losing them at a rate 10,000 times greater than expected. To what was he referring?

3 What was supposed to make you go blind, and caused the Chief Medical Officer to issue a government health warning?

4 Up to how many Viagra pills did the NHS say it would prescribe per patient per four-week period?

5 Which wine-grape variety was found to be best for the heart?

6 What, medically speaking, linked Elton John and James Major?

7 According to a survey in October, how many Britons are reckoned to have access to the internet?

8 More than 1.5 million home and business PCs around the world are analysing radio waves from outer space in their spare time. What is the project called?

9. Who's been celibate for 70 or more years but is still looking for a mate?

10. Where was this photograph of a total eclipse taken? (It's not the one that happened in August)

11. What's described as a cosmic version of the Bermuda Triangle?

12. She began as a topless dancer and ended up in millions of electronic mailboxes. Who is she?

13. A hospital banned a drug from its premises because it said it increased agitation in patients under stress. What was it?

14. The NHS prescription charge is pounds 5.85. On what percentage of prescriptions is it paid?

15. Analysis using satellites determined that Mount Everest was higher than we realised. By how many feet?


1 Brenda Maddox wrote about George's Ghosts. Who was George?

2 Pushkin's Button, Nathaniel's Nutmeg, Voltaire's ...?

3 Which novelist died in Scotland aged 101?

4 Their biographies were written this year. Who are they?

a) Born Minnie Mackay, she variously claimed Italian, American or Scottish parentage. As a literary celebrity, she imported a gondola and gondolier from Venice to punt her down the Avon.

b) His lifelong nickname was "Moor", he was so swarthy. He had to write his magnum opus standing up, because of the gigantic boils on his bottom.

c) Condemned to death in absentia while on the run, this writer was burnt in effigy. When finally imprisoned, he got his wife to send him cake, peaches, jam and chocolate, "so dense that it is black, like the devil's arse is blackened by smoke".

5 "I Shall Bear Witness" and "To the Bitter End". Who was the unassuming hero of these memoirs?

6 Who was appointed the first "Children's Laureate", with the aim of attracting more of them to reading and writing?

7 Which authors got together again in Chile?

8 According to her biography, this writer was empowered by a Willy. Who was she?

9 What book did the chairman of the Booker judges say would have been runner-up to J M Coetzee's Disgrace?

10 Who, according to the literary critic Harold Bloom, "Invented the Human"?

11 And what's the connection with a biography of Bruce Chatwin published this year?

12 Who created the Maggiore Quartet?

13 Who revealed that she had had an affair with Ted Hughes?

14 Who turned up teaching art history in Florence?

15 Salman Rushdie's novel The Ground Beneath Her Feet led to an alliance between the author and which pop singer?


BRITAIN: 1. A Volkswagen Golf. 2. Des-mond Lynam, after he left the BBC for ITV. 3. Issuing of passports. 4. Nick Leeson. 5. Birmingham. 6. The last News at Ten was broadcast. 7. Lewes in Sussex. 8. The latest Harry Potter book went on sale. 9. Henry Kissinger. 10. Gordon Ramsay. The critic was A A Gill. 11. The plight of the Kurds. 12. Leeds-Bradford. 13. To end hereditary peers. 14. Cardinal Basil Hume. 15. Brecon.

PICTURE QUESTIONS: 1. Glenn Hoddle, who resigned as the England football manager after making controversial comments about disabled people. 2. Lesley Howies became the first woman member of the 144-year-old Black Dyke Mills brass band. 3. Scientists discovered Einstein's brain was 15 per cent wider than average. 4. Rambouillet Castle in France, venue for the Kosovo peace talks. 5. General Pinochet. 6. Caroline Lucas became Britain's first Green Party MEP. 7. Tony Benn. 8. The reading room at the British Museum. 9. Andre Agassi after winning the French Open. 10. Belgium, where some Coca-Cola was found to be contaminated. 11. Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs. 12. French farmers against McDonald's and mass production of food.

ABROAD: 1. Stephen King. 2. Majorca. 3. Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese freedom fighter. 4. Geri Halliwell. 5. An avalanche. 6. The Everest mountaineer George Mallory's. 7. Dante's. 8. New York. 9. Beverly Hills. 10. 37. 11. Gibraltar. 12. Milan.

POLITICS: 1. Peter Mandelson. 2. 23 per cent. 3. Simon Hughes. 4. Lord Falconer, app-ointed Minister without Portfolio. 5. Tony Blair and Jack Straw. 6. Michael Meacher. 7. Dawn Primarolo. 8. A common sense revolution. 9. Seamus Mallon. 10. Neil Kinnock and Leon Brittan. 11. Matthew Parris. 12. Libya's acceptance of its role in the 1984 killing of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher.

THE ARTS: 1. Peter O'Toole in Jeffrey Ber-nard is Unwell. 2. Cezanne. 3. Minnie Driver. 4. Paul McCartney to the Cavern Club. 5. The Exorcist. 6. Antonio Pappano. 7. As Thomas Crown in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. 8. Oklahoma!. 9. Rembrandt. 10. Darcey Bussell. 11. Tom Stoppard. 12. As directors of The Blair Witch Project. 13. Sheridan Morley. The play was Noel Coward's A Song at Twilight. 14. Culture Secretary Chris Smith. 15. Waiting for Godot. 16. Elizabeth Taylor. 17. Claudio Abbado. 18. David Hare in Via Dolorosa and Alan Bennett, who stood in for one of the actors who play him in The Lady in the Van. 19. Viviana Durante. 20. S Club 7.

SPORT: 1. Anil Kumble of India (v Pakistan). 2. George Best. 3. Salt Lake City. 4. Runners-up to Australia in, respectively, the cricket World Cup, the rugby World Cup, and tennis's Davis Cup. 5. For singing sectarian songs. 6. It was Mike Tyson's comeback fight after his prison sentence for rape. 7. Howard Wilkinson. 8. Baseball. 9. West Indies, by Australia. 10. Richard Dunwoody. 11. Jose-Maria Olazabal. 12. Darlington.

LIFE, LOVE AND EVERYTHING: 1. Italy, France or Scotland. 2. Lennon, son of Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit. 3. Jerry Hall, when it reported that her new beau was the vice-president of Microsoft. 4. Margaret Cook, ex- wife of Foreign Secretary Robin. 5. Bill Clinton. 6. Hillary Clinton. 7. The Ritz in London. 8. They had never met. 9. Bill Clinton. 10. The Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich. 11. It was reckoned to be the last day on which to conceive if you were to have a Millennium baby. 12. Reading people's bottoms.

WHO SAID?: 1. Baroness Jay. 2. Jerry Springer. 3. Judi Dench, on receiving her Oscar for her performance as Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love. 4. Jeffrey Archer. 5. Posh Spice. 6. Peter Mandelson. 7. Frank Dobson. 8. Glenda Jackson. 9. Charles Kennedy, on becoming leader of the Lib-Dems. 10. Ken Livingstone. 11. Tony Banks. 12. Ann Widdicombe.

SCIENCE, MEDICINE AND TECHNOLOGY: 1. A potato. The Lancet published research that claimed GM potatoes harmed laboratory rats. 2. Species of plants and animals. 3. The solar eclipse. 4. Four. 5. Cabernet Sauvignon. 6. They both had pacemakers fitted. 7. 18.6 million. 8. SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). 9. Lonesome George, the last remaining survivor of a race of giant tortoises in the Galapagos. Scientists are using DNA fingerprinting to find him a female. 10. Perth, Australia. 11. Mars, because so many Nasa probes have been lost there. 12. Melissa - a computer virus named after a lap-dancer. 13. Caffeine. 14. 20 per cent. 15. Seven.

BOOKS: 1. W B Yeats's wife. 2.Coconuts. 3. Naomi Mitchison. 4. a) Marie Corelli. b) Karl Marx. c) Marquis de Sade. 5. Victor Klemperer. 6. Quentin Blake. 7. John McCarthy and Brian Keenan for their book Between Extremes. 8. Colette. Willy was her husband. 9. Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai. 10. Shakespeare. 11. It was by Nicholas Shakespeare. 12. Vikram Seth in An Equal Music. 13. Emma Tennant. 14. Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal. 15. Bono of U2, who sang the song of the book.

MONEY: 1. Switzerland. 2. The euro. 3. Wal-Mart. 4. The French insurance company AXA. 5. Peter Young, the Morgan Grenfell fund manager accused of fraud. 6. Robert Maxwell. 7. Greg Dyke, on becoming director-general of the BBC. 8. Canada. 9. Tim Henman.10. Lord Sainsbury. 11. Freeserve. 12. Roy Keane, the Manchester United footballer.

NO LONGER WITH US: 1. Bob Peck in Edge of Darkness. 2. King Hussein. 3. Dusty Springfield. 4. Stanley Kubrick. 5. Sir Alf Ramsey. 6. Gene Autry. 7. Iris Murdoch. 8. Rod Hull. 9. Sir Christopher Cockerell. 10. John F Kennedy Jnr. 11. Joe DiMaggio. 12. Dirk Bogarde. 13. Liz Tilberis. 14. Joseph Heller. 15. Anthony Newley.

THESE NAMES MADE NEWS: 1. American euthaniasia doctor found guilty of second-degree murder. 2. First to circumnavigate the globe by hot-air balloon. 3. Nato spokesman during war in Kosovo. 4. The judge in the Bill Clinton hearing. 5. The Radio 1 DJ shot in the street. 6. The name given to the new-born daughter of Emma Thompson and Greg Wise. 7. The defendant in Britain's first Nazi war crimes trial. 8. The Frenchman who lost after leading by three strokes going into the last hole of the Open championship. 9. He succeeded Graham Kelly as the chief executive of the Football Association. 10. The Law Lord in the Pinochet hearing whose connection with Amnesty International caused controversy.

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