Quiz OF THE YEAR;= 1995

Good deeds, evil thoughts, great achievements, disastrous failures; exactly how many of this year's newsworthy - and not so newsworthy - events can you still remember? Andrew Baker asks: who did what, where, when, how and why? The answers are on page 48
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Here are nine outfits created for this year's October collections in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Their designers are: Jean Paul Gaultier, John Rocha, Donna Karan, Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garcons, Isaac Mizrahi, Gucci, Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen. Match the designers to the outfits.


Using your skill and judgement, match the pictures to the following descriptions. (Award yourself a bonus point for each correct name.) Who:

1 was cleared of jogging his way to adultery

2 told his congregation that the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" was "dreadful and wicked"

3 was "outed" before his ordination

4 was ordained over the Internet

5 proclaimed that living in sin was sinful

6 has been attempting to save Alan Clark's immortal soul


Match the pictures to the descriptions. (Bonus point for each name.) Who:

1 criticised Michael Howard for meddling in the prison service and then went on to retire

2 upheld the Army's ban on gays with "hesitation and regret"

3 denied smoking a cocaine and cannabis cigarette with two prostitutes in south London

4 said [of Rose West]: "If attention is paid to what I think, you will never be released. Take her down"

5 described a cyclist's killing as "a bad case of not looking at what you're doing"

6 spent all year presiding over the longest civil case in British history


Match the pictures to the descriptions. (Bonus point for each name.) Who: 1 was charged with drink-driving and failing to stop after an accident

2 resigned over three-in-a-bed allegations

3 fought a libel case over two-in-a-bed allegations

4 received pounds 13.25m from the National Lotteries Charities Board

5 was fined pounds 2,000 for breach of the peace after waving a pickaxe at demonstrators

6 became the first MP to be referred to the new Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (he was accused of seeking "shares for questions")


1 Noisy night: which group's rhythm section caused earthquake reports in west London?

2 Noisy knight: which composer caused Panic at the Proms?

3 Who were, they told us, "sorted for E's and Whizz"?

4 And who, by contrast, believed that "It's great when you're straight, Yeah"?

5 And who failed to go straight to the "toppermost of the poppermost"?


1 Soap: which saga with a Dingle factor celebrated its 2,000th episode in August?

2 Soap: which character was hounded out of the Street having been falsely accused of flashing?

3 Sleuths: two detective series returned, one with its eponymous star intact, one without. Names?

4 Another S. Who said: "Is dealing with creative stars, from Lenny Henry to Michael Barrymore to Jennifer Saunders, a task that requires a willy?"

5 And which S suffered a Nightmare in Canary Wharf?


1 Who did Teflon Tim unveil in Edinburgh? And who is he?

2 Who, by contrast, had things all wrapped up at the Reichstag?

3 Damien Hirst exhibited a bisected cow, and won. But what other artist shortlisted for the Turner Prize also showed split animals?

4 Who had her house knocked down and took to the floor?

5 And which house was burgled when Titian's Rest on the Flight to Egypt was stolen in January?


1 Who took "Little Martin [Amis]" waspishly to task in what?

2 And how did "Little Martin" respond?

3 Which novelist made his hero a tabloid journalist, in which book?

4 Four biographies or autobiographies published this year - who are the subjects of:

a) Moral Desperado

b) Painfully Rich

c) Goodbye To All That

d) Cleared For Take-off

5 And which biographer will be making a killing, courtesy of the Official Solicitor?


1 Who swore he'd walk out on Wimbledon, and did?

2 Wimbledon FC was rumoured to be walking out of London. Where to?

3 Several Irishmen, some Scotsmen and more desperate Englishmen were knocked over by which freak?

4 What did the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year share with the aforementioned freak?

5 Who, according to his critics, didn't have a prayer at Wembley - and proved them wrong?


Who said...

1 "I love this job. Journalists and media people are so much more fun than doctors."

2 "I do not want television to deliver a pornographic diet of degradation."

3 "Most of us don't deserve our appointments and we don't deserve our disappointments."

4 "We need to draw this success to the public's attention. If it means cavorting with Dennis the Menace and Peter Rabbit, so be it.''

5 "Women I can't speak of. But the other thing is elegant mathematical proofs. A two-line method of proving Pythagoras's theorem is of great attraction to me."


1 What brought Julie Christie to the West End stage?

2 What brought David Barron back to the boards?

3 And which theatrical knight told all about his affair with David Barron's wife?

4 Whose Coriolanus was a triumph at the Barbican this summer?

5 West Ham and a blasted heath. The connection?


1 The leading character was played by Angie, Annie and Arlene, by Barbara, Billy and Beth, and by 42 others. Name of character and film?

2 Which babe upset the Academy Award organisers when she got wildly drunk, lifted up her skirt and flashed her knickers at the Oscars?

3 Which star of the Naked Gun films drew his biggest audience ever on Tuesday 3 October?

4 What boasted five criminals, one line-up and no coincidence?

5 And which weathergirl was suspected of organising Matt Dillon's demise?


1 Max replaced Stewart. Who replaced Max?

2 Dominic replaced Charles. Who replaced Dominic?

3 Who said he'd rather remain in journalism than go to the Express?

4 Lonrho once sold it; Mohammed Al-Fayed wanted to buy it. What was it?

5 What did Sir Andrew have in common with plain Andrew?


1 Which Fat Cat, salary pounds 689,000, headed the committee on Fat Cats' pay established by the CBI?

2 Which Fat Cat suggested that he might like to swap jobs with a junior hospital doctor, since the doctor's work would be more relaxing than his?

3 Which Fat Cat, awarded a 571 per cent pay rise since the privatisation of his utility, said: "I'm not in it for the money. Fat Cats belong at the vet's - they are nothing to do with this discussion.''?

4 Which Fat Cat said he hadn't bathed at home for three months, but then admitted sneaking off to a tub in another county?

5 Which Fat Cat was awarded a 75 per cent pay rise, and was forced to apologise in September to customers after complaints rocketed by 122 per cent in the first six months of the year?


1 Bob Monkhouse is to replace Anthea Turner as the main presenter of the Lottery draw. But who turned the job down?

2 Chris Jones, from Wallasey, appeared on the Lottery show with two animals named Lancelot and Guinevere, which, he claimed, could predict winning numbers. What kind of animal were they?

3 What was so special about pounds 10,000 Scratchcard winner Clayton Beech?

4 Who took five flights in an aircraft belonging to GTECH, a 22 per cent shareholder in Camelot, "to save taxpayers' money"?

5 Which of the following did not receive Lottery funding last year?

a) The British Library

b) The Verdant Works Jute Museum

c) The Falklands War Memorial at Pangbourne

d) The Liverpool Accessible Sensory Environment Scheme

e) The Eritrean Advice and Information Centre, Stockwell, south London.


1 What do the initials OJ stand for?

2 Nicole Brown Simpson's dog led neighbours to the scene of the crime. What was it called?

3 What was the alleged murder weapon?

4 What kind of vehicle did OJ and his friend AC use in the celebrated "low-speed car chase"?

5 What was OJ's bestselling book called?


1 Which craft's flight was delayed when woodpeckers pecked 135 holes in its protective coat?

2 What dive-bombed Her Majesty?

3 Who went AWOL from No 10? And where was he found?

4 Joshua celebrated victory with a drink of brandy. What had he won?

5 Something odd has been happening to rainbow trout in English rivers. What?


Who said of whose?

1 "The brain is the central erogenous zone for me, and he's got a big one."

2 "If I was rating it out of 10 in terms of size and quality, I'd give it six. I've seen bigger and I've seen smaller. But his was cute"

3 "The operation was performed by Mr Roger Vickers, assisted by Mr William Muirhead-Allwood, with anaesthesia administered by Dr D.R. Davies, assisted by Dr J.B. Liban. Dr Richard Thompson and Mr Barry Jackson were in attendance."

4 "When they lifted up her surgical gown she had written, `Please make them perfect' across her chest."

5 "Great teeth are still a long way down the road. So much has to be done.''


These people passed on in 1995. Who were they?

1 "The Sweater Girl"

2 The RAF pilot who didn't marry royalty

3 The voice of the classified football results

4 The father of Grandma

5 An actor who played Sherlock Holmes on television

6 An actor who played Sherlock Holmes on the screen

7 The king of the living dead

8 The author of Colonel Sun

9 Lord Whelks

10 Sir Arthur Strebe-Greebling