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"I am not scared of flying. I am scared of crashing."

Helen Baxendale, actress (above)

"We have had more back-biting in the Government in the last few weeks than you could cram into an average episode of Dallas."

William Hague,

Tory leader

"Our Test team needs someone to stand back and not be the father figure or the friend to pat them on the back or give them a cuddle. He should give them a kick up the backside now and again."

Geoffrey Boycott, former cricketer

"I don't need a witness to tell if this is a blue dress or not."

Senator Patrick J Leahy, Democrat

"If I know sex is going to happen, I try to distract my husband with a cup of tea and a biscuit."

Unnamed pensioner

on sex on TV

"It takes two to spin. A spin doctor is only as good as his contacts."

Derek Draper,

former spin doctor