Quotes of the Week

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"I can sit rhapsodising about a single strand. I can tell exactly who has styled a photo-shoot, just from the way a curl is placed."

Nicky Clarke (pictured), hairdresser to the stars

"I can't speak in sound bites. I refuse to repeat slogans. I hate focus groups. I absolutely hate image consultants."

Kenneth Clarke, Former Tory Chancellor

"It was all too much, so I'm the white wine queen again."

Lowri Turner, TV presenter on an attempt to give up drinking

"I am not going to be a nagging bag. I am here to make him happy."

Victoria Adams, Spice Girl, on her fiance David Beckham

"I hope some other mother would do for my daughter what I did for Monica."

Linda Tripp

"This marks an end of the something-for-nothing welfare state."

Tony Blair, Prime Minister