Quotes of the Week

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"In future, I will do as little as I can get away with."

Julie Walters, actor (pictured)

"It's the worst day for Frinton since the Luftwaffe beat up the town in 1944."

Roy Caddick, secretary of Frinton Residents' Association, on

the vote allowing the town its first pub.

"If you have a problem seeing naked bodies, you have a problem,"

Melinda Messenger, model and

television presenter

"You don't have to not like sex, drugs and rock'n'roll just because you stop."

Kate Moss, model

"Shakespeare had British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook's fiercely shrewd eyes."

Camille Paglia, feminist author and broadcaster

"We middle-aged should firmly

boycott all those businesses that

show the slightest signs of having

been infected by

the youth virus."

John Humphrys, broadcaster