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"I was mistaken for a prostitute once in the last war. When a GI asked me what I charged, I said, `Well, dear, what do your mother and sisters normally ask for?'"

Dame Thora Hird, actress (above)

"I am told there is a new, tough generation known phonetically as Bananas meaning Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything."

The Prince of Wales

"I am a rebel against strictness and also against logic."

Ken Dodd, comedian

"`Axed' is a negative word. This is a positive, forward move."

The spokesperson for the soon to be discontinued `Noel's House Party'

"The best way to end a canteen culture is to spend more time outside the canteen."

Chris Mullin,

Labour MP

"I am considered attractive by some people and I've been completely ignored by others, so I know that I am somewhere in the middle."

Colin Firth, actor