Quotes of the Week

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"I've signed Meg Ryan's autograph more times than I've signed my own. If anyone comes up and says Sleepless in Seattle is their favourite, I just sign Meg Ryan."

Melanie Griffith (pictured), actor

"I'm sorry. I don't talk to journalists."

Peter Mandelson, MP

"Oskar Lafontaine has been the grit in the German oyster."

John Major, former prime minister

"A lady of 92 left a message asking that I call her to suggest how she should replan her evening viewing now News at Ten had gone."

Trevor McDonald, newsreader

"I didn't spend 10 years of hard labour creating a government, to knock it down."

Charles Whelan, former press secretary to Gordon Brown

"What fascinates me is how people stay married for so long. I'm lucky if I can maintain a relationship for 20 minutes."

Julian Clary, actor