Quotes of the Week

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"If you go abroad, the drivers are dirty and smelly and rude. Here in London they are just adorable."

Raine, Countess Spencer (above),

on cab drivers

"Tony Blair is the Prime Minister of England. He is very left wing and is an example of the socialist takeover of Europe."

Statement on a pro-Pinochet website

"It's all fireworks today, too much quick-burn."

Noel Edmonds, television host

"Anyone who joins a job where emotionally disturbing experiences are part of their work should get nothing at all for being emotionally disturbed."

Ann Widdecombe, Tory MP, on "compensation culture"

"They appeared to be unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide"

Dumitru Secrieru, police colonel, on the Romanian soccer star Mario Bugeanu and girlfriend, who died after having sex in a garage with the car engine running