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"Contrary to what boys think, girls are not always talking about sex. In fact, most of my girlfriends prefer to talk about gardening."

Charlie Dimmock, gardening programme presenter

"No longer will vegans have to suppress their natural instinct to make love not war."

Richard Fairhall of the Vegan Society on the new animal-cruelty-free condom

"Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself."

Kris Kristofferson, actor

"Now is the time for a Bold Blair not a Tinkering Tony."

The Duke of Buccleuch

"In Yugoslavia, the Albanians shouldn't fear anyone, especially not the Serbs."


Milosevic's wife, Mirjana Markovic

"I've never really thought of myself as an actress."

Elizabeth Taylor, on receiving her BAFTA award