Quotes of the Week

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"Success is the only exit strategy I am prepared to consider."

Tony Blair (above) on the Kosovo war

"That would be difficult."

Sir Edward Heath to Baroness Thatcher when she told him at a photocall: "You should be on my right."

"There are three things in this world you can do nothing about: getting Aids, getting clamped and running out of Chateau Lafite '45." Alan Clark, Tory MP

"We spend a lot of time praying for William Hague, and we sometimes pray for Tony Blair. We have to because he's the Prime Minister."

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Christian Fellowship

"Glamour is on a life- support machine and not expected to live."

Joan Collins, actress

"Six of us collapsed on top of each other, with a rhinoceros at the bottom. To cap it all, I was overtaken by a Womble."

Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, half-brother of Lord Snowdon, on his marathon