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"He was the most married man I have ever met. I might as well have had a crush on Jesus Christ."

Merri Cheyne, pictured, describing her hotel night with Lenny Henry

"Golf balls, tennis balls, fresh asparagus and, in recent years, computer gadgets."

Dame Shirley Porter, on her extravagances

"The least erotic experience in one's life is an erotic experience fabricated for the screen."

Glenda Jackson, Transport Minister

"You are the only one with balls."

Alan Clark MP, singling out Jackie Ballard as the best candidate for Liberal Democrat Party leadership

"I am not frightened of dying. I realise it's a natural part of life."

Lulu, singer,

on turning 50

"This is not an invasion force. This is a strengthened peace implementation force."

George Robertson, Defence Secretary, on the increased troops in Yugoslavia