Quotes of the Week

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"We have shown that our army is invincible."

Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslavian President (above)

"I think intellectuals have an obligation to look haggard."

Camille Paglia, arch US feminist and academic

"I think all this juju is useful for the mystery that is needed for authority."

Lord Lawson, former chancellor, on the workings of the Bank of England

"It's wonderful to be getting so much work at my time of life. I've played daughters, girlfriends, mothers, wives, grandmothers and now I'm quite good at dying parts."

June Whitfield, actress

"When I was a girl, everybody respected and admired English gentlemen for their manners. Everybody was in love with me and a lot wanted to kiss me. I would not let them."

Dame Barbara Cartland, 97

"I'd like Tony Blair to write my obituary." Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef