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"Mick's a genius - but they are notoriously difficult to live with. I had to start listening to my instincts. "

Jerry Hall, model (pictured), on life with Mick Jagger

"I've never grown up. I just grew down."

Brian Blessed, actor, referring to `The Phantom Menace' in which he appears

"I don't know why they just don't enter a reserve team."

Esther Rantzen, TV presenter, on Manchester United's withdrawal from the FA Cup

"Today has been a good day for Northern Ireland."

Rev Ian Paisley, Unionist politician, on the breakdown of the peace talks

"I know people will joke about my new backing band The Pacemakers."

Elton John, singer and songwriter, referring to his new pacemaker

"Feminine things are important. But people get sloppy. They don't close the bathroom door or wear the right kind of negligee."

Barbara Taylor Bradford, author