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"Everywhere I find men pay homage to my beauty and show no interest in me. In a way my beauty was a curse.

Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood star

"Cabinet Office minister Ian McCartney and I see eye to eye on a lot of things. That's mainly because we are the same height, though."

Ann Widdecombe, shadow Home Secretary

"Today's sitcoms? They all rely on vulgarity. They have total lack of charm."

Jeremy Lloyd, creator of the TV hit `Are You Being Served?'

"Alas, not on merit, but because the senior lavatory cleaner escaped, so I filled his shoes.''

Jonathan Aitken, explaining his promotion, in prison, from junior to senior lavatory cleaner

"We are having `big brothers' using bullying tactics to try to suppress the freedom of a minority group. This is 95 per cent about class warfare and 5 per cent animal welfare."

The Duke of Buccleuch, on the proposal to ban hunting in Scotland