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"Ironing is not one of my strong points. I seem to have learnt to iron in more creases than I actually iron out."

Emma Noble, model turned actress (pictured)

"I can hardly bring myself to wring the neck of a chicken. But for Yeltsin - I would personally execute him with an axe."

Yevgeni Yakovlevich Djugashvili, the grandson of Joseph Stalin

"We didn't spend eight years together just to break up, restart under a different name and still sound the same."

Noel Gallagher, Oasis singer, on the future of his band

"I went to Brighton but all I came back with was a stick of rock."

Edwina Currie, following reports of a new man in her life

"I don't want to fuel that male fantasy that every 50-year-old man can have a wife who is 25 years old."

Cameron Diaz,

26-year-old actress, on film roles that demand sex scenes with considerably older men