Quotes of the Week

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"I think the bombing did cause the ethnic cleansing."

Lord Carrington (above), former Nato secretary general, on Nato's role in the Kosovo conflict

"Cherie Blair comes across badly in photographs but is actually quite attractive."

Jonathan Yeo, portrait painter

"I don't expect him to go around with his mitre and sceptre, but a suit with a dog collar would at least alert people to the fact that he's a bishop."

Sir Robin Day on the Bishop of Edinburgh, Dr Richard Holloway

"It's quite flattering to be hated by so many people at once."

Greg Martin, ex-fiance of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

"They are not critics, they are success-haters."

Sir Tim Rice, lyricist, on people who pan his work

"Lady Thatcher is looking more and more like an elderly bird of prey."

Sir Julian Critchley, former Tory member of parliament