Quotes of the Week

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"We haven't said they are all hopeless, but quite a few of them are."

Baroness Jay, Leader of the House of Lords, discussing hereditary peers

"Our old people get kicked in the pants. Look at advertising and their fixation with youth. You'd better not look more than 40."

Trudi Styler, actress

"My mother had a great gift for lame ducks. A Gypsy knocked at our door. He was whisked in and presented with my lunch. I rather felt an alternative would be provided, but somehow my mother forgot this."

John Major

"He looks far too severe. He needs to force a smile, even if it makes him feel a twit."

Mary Spillane, image consultant, on Jack Cunningham, the Cabinet "enforcer"

"The cult of chef as demigod has been allowed to escalate into sheer madness."

Joan Collins, actress