Quotes of the Week

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"Cool Britannia may well be dying of hypothermia."

Stephen Bayley, who resigned as creative director of the Millennium Dome in January

"We want to make the North East the North Best." Tony Blair, speaking while visiting his

Sedgefield constituency

"One morning he said he wanted to commit suicide. I'd got fed up, so I opened the window and said, `jump'. It was the last time he mentioned suicide."

Artist Francoise Gilot, recalling her life as Pablo Picasso's companion

"Why try to take a decision now when the facts

are not known?"

Lord Hurd, former Tory Foreign Secretary, on William Hague's party poll on joining the euro

"Whenever my character was involved in a sexy scene, my father would go into a corner and cry, and my grannie didn't like it very much."

Daniela Nardini, who played a micro-skirted solicitor in the TV hit This Life