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The orchestra couldn't tell - Andrew Davis couldn't tell - where Elgar stopped and I began. I'd done it.

Anthony Payne, co-composer of Elgar's Third,

At the Foot of the Mountain (R4)

In my twenties, I was told that Elgar was an overstuffed Victorian.


Dr Watson, now almost as famous as his detective friend, started life as 'Ormonde Sacker'.

The Doctor, the Detective

and Arthur Conan Doyle (R4)

Experts say that Florida needs more manatee speed zones.

One Planet News (WS)

Do we really want to become the People's Republic of Proletaria?

Caller, Nicky Campbell (R5)

Stand by, the Pulleins in Barryport! I'm going to play the bit of Berlioz you heard when you were out shopping.

Margaret Howard (Classic FM)

I'll call Elizabeth in Surrey. Elizabeth? 'Please replace the handset and try again' .

Peter Hitchens

Hitchens and Draper (Talk)

I'm the first to put my hand up if I make a mistake.

Chris Woodhead, Chief Inspector of Schools Ditto

I don't agree with Jack about public thrashing for burglars. I'd remove their hands.

Caller, The Big Boys' Breakfast (Talk)

I'm sulking, because I'm working with an idiot.

David Banks, Ditto