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My dad made three kinds of ice-cream: plain, vanilla and ordinary.

Anthony Minghella Live from London (R4)

In Northern Ireland, you aren't surprised to see a sign saying "24-hour cafe: open 9-5" - or a headline saying "Man throws sandwiches at Roman Catholic".

Gerry Anderson Johnnie Walker (R2)

My mother said Graham, remember, a problem shared is gossip.

Graham Norton Just a Minute (R4)

I thought your most telling point was who's going to pay our pensions and empty our bedpans.

Jeremy Paxman Start the Week (R4)

There will be It-Mums and It-Grannies soon.

Wendy Holden Woman's Hour (R4)

Tiger penis soup is always a popular one, but of course you only get one for every two tigers.

Newsbeat (R1)

Low, south of Rockall, drifting and losing its identity.

Shipping Forecast (R4)

It was the Monet mouse-pad that really got me.

Timberlake Wertenbaker

Front Row (R4)

The Biafrans stood - head up, shoulders back, chest out. Classically British.

General Ojukuwu

My Century (WS)