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Sublime. Chocolatey. I feel like a hippo in a mud-bath when I listen to Wagner.

Penny Smith

Across the Threshold (Classic FM)

That well-known Turkish phrase "My harlot and I will take our apricots here".

Home Truths (R4)

So sit back, or if you're in bed, lie back and wallow in Henry Mancini.

David Jacobs Collection (R2)

Sometimes I watch Barbara Castle come into the Chamber, a bent, frail old lady. Then she'll straighten up and become a pillar of fire. The words social justice are written on her heart.

Shirley Williams

Any Questions (R4)

I go and get it when they produce, which is quite regularly, and I wait for it to dry out and for the meaning to saturate into it.

Chris Ofili

Today (R4)

Olivia rang in to say that her boy-friend gave her an aerial-booster one Christmas. Wasn't that useful?

The Breakfast Show (R5)

At this time of year, the thought of hibernation seems rather appealing.


Some bats have an alternative motive for mid-hibernacular arousal. One adult male can work his way along a whole row of hanging, torpid females.


When Irish immigrants arrived in New York, Germans, forgetting that they too were immigrants, turned up their noses saying "these people don't smell like Americans".

The Idea of the City (WS)

The only answer is continuous, condomed sex. For everybody.

Alison Hadley

Anna Raeburn (Talk Radio)