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They'll want to blow out the candles but I'll say no, it's Mummy's cake because it's Mummy's divorce.

First Nights (R4)

Everyone can play basketball. All you need is the basket. And the ball.

Hoops of Fire: Lamacq Live (R1)

Through opposition and aggression, men create connection.

Deborah Tannen

Start the Week (R4)

Children get colds; men get 'flu; women get on with it.

Wogan (R2)

Every carriage is a moving theatre, full of sound and light and the drama of coastal life.

Romesh Gunesekera

Aboard the Yakada Yaka (WS)

Some give and take between gods and man is still imaginable on mountain- tops.

Tim Parks

Adultery and Other Diversions (R3)

In Johannesburg, the most effective way of stopping someone stealing your car is a sticker saying Caution: snakes in transit.

Robert Nunes

Today (R4)

Yes, you're allowed to shoot people with electric harpoons in Johannesburg.


I'm sorry. We are unable to bring you the chimes of Big Ben. Instead, as a consolation, we'll give you the time-signal.

Midnight continuity announcer (R4)

I believe in capital punishment for burglary and car theft, not for murder.

James Whale (Talk)