rage; They fought the law - the law usually won

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Agony and Ecstasy, 1988: police raid an Acid House party in south London. Photograph by Brian Harris: 'One of the most terrifying experiences I have ever had. It was about 30 degrees centigrade in there, and I knew I had about two minutes to get the pictures before the lens would steam up, so I began shooting. Once I was spotted, all these people surged towards me. I thought, I'm in for a good kicking here'

Wapping, January 1987, first anniversary of the strike by printers and journalists against Rupert Murdoch's News International. Photograph by Jeremy Nicholls: 'It was a Saturday, by far the most violent night.There wasn't a Sunday (Independent) at

that time, so the picture ran

on Monday. By that afternoon, the police had gone to court to impound the pictures.'

Strangeways, Manchester, April 1990. Prison rioters on the roof. Photograph by John Voos: ' There were rumours the prisoners were going to kill a hostage, so when they brought this guy out, we thought this was it. It became apparent they were only play-acting, but it was still a chilling image'

Isle of Dogs (right), September 1993. BNP candidate Derek Beacon wins Millwall seat in local elections. Photograph by Brian Harris: 'As an East End boy with a bit of Jewish blood, I found the whole BNP scene abhorrent, and I was determined to expose the hate.'

Palace of Westminster

(far right), 21 Feb 1994. The age of consent vote in the amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill.

Homosexuals lobbied for 16. Photograph by Edward Sykes: 'The police closed the doors just in time. Gay men and women were beating the doors with their fists, furious at

losing the vote.

I thought that if Derek Jarman had still been alive and well, he'd have been at the front with them, but he'd died a few days beforehand'