Rambert Dance Company perform The Rooster

DANCE With Louise Levene
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Rambert Dance Company perform The Rooster programme in Aberdeen on Wednesday and Thursday, then switch to Robert Cohan's Stabat Mater on Friday and Saturday. Aberdeen 30 Oct-2 Nov; Cardiff 14-16 Nov; Plymouth 4-7 Dec; Bristol 12- 14 Dec

When in doubt, hit them with everything you've got. Rambert Dance Company's autumn tour arrives in Aberdeen with a mixed bill combining two of Christopher Bruce's very greatest hits with a brand new work by Olivier Award winner Kim Brandstrup. Bruce's Rooster (right) is danced to Rolling Stones hits. Witty, sly and sexy, it examines male vanity and its effect on relationships. An earlier Bruce work, Swansong, shows a young man being brutally intimidated by two Vaudevillean soft-shoe-shuffling military policeman. The tale can be interpreted several ways: but the triumph of the individual over ignorance and aggression is a happy ending whatever the story signifies.

Meaning is even more elusive in Kim Brandstrup's Eidolon (from the Greek word for phantom). If you thought his last piece, Crime Fictions, was about as clear as mud, you'll love Eidolon. A man is plagued by nightly visitations from a woman in red and can't sleep - not surprising since half a dozen people are treating his bedroom like Paddington Station. It all looks pretty and the dancers throw themselves into it as if they know what's happening and why.