RECORDS / The IoS Playlist: The five best discs of the moment

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Bobby Womack: Cousin Henry (from Resurrection, Continuum,CD / tape). In the tradition of Womack's classic 'Harry Hippie', this is a song about a Vietnam veteran, featuring the harmonica and voice of Stevie Wonder. RW

The Prodigy: Music for the Jilted Generation (XL, CD / LP / tape). Revolutionary high- street pop nosebleed attack]Ben Thompson

Johnny Cash: The Man in Black (Sony, CD / tape, out tomorrow). A compilation of 24 gems andno rhinestones from the only country artist it's cool to like. NB

Jesus & Mary Chain: Sometimes Always (Warner, single). Slushy by their standards, sleazy by anyone else's NB

Ravel: Complete Piano Works. Philippe Entremont (Sony, two CDs). Idiomatic recordings reissued on the low-price Essential Classics label. Michael White