Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar hints at highly-rumoured sequel reveal

The gaming studio released a mysterious - but teasing - image to its Twitter and Facebook pages 

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There have been a fair few months of rumours a certain Red Dead Redemption 2 might be on the horizon, though Rockstar Games has yet to give any official word on the highly-rumoured sequel.

Until now. With the rumours specifically suggesting that both an HD next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption, alongside a brand new prequel, would be announced for a 2017 release - including a supposedly leaked map for the game - Rockstar has made a very subtle nod in said direction. 

The studio simply tweeted out an image of its own logo, but placed on top of the mottled red texture used in the art for the first Red Dead Redemption, leading vast swathes of the internet to believe this is confirmation of the supposed sequel/prequel. 

The tweet was then followed by Rockstar posting the same image to the news section of its website, alongside changing the avatars on its Twitter and Facebook pages to match a red and black theme. 

One word of caution, though: as wth the current swathes of next-gen remakes of previously released titles, this could just be Rockstar prepping to announce the same for the original Red Dead Redemption

Not that an HD remake wouldn't be exciting news in itself, but it goes without saying the gaming community would lose its mind if this were indeed confirming what the rumours have so long suggested.