Restaurants: Tastes - Andy McNab's favourite restaurant

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Never one to avoid a challenge, Andy McNab happily battles to find a parking space near the Bleeding Heart (Bleeding Heart Yard, Greville St, London EC1; 0171-242 2056).

"There's a good mixture of local residents and people from the legal and financial worlds. It's not overly expensive because the people who go there are not interested in going to a trendy place. They are going for the food, especially the fish at lunchtimes. There's a restaurant downstairs and a wine bar upstairs, with wooden floors and tables - not very decorative, but it's great. The service is fantastic. The French staff don't treat you as though they are doing you a favour."

Andy McNab's SAS book `Bravo Two Zero' is published by Corgi at pounds 5.99 (television adaptation available on video from BBC Worldwide at pounds 14.99)