Restaurants: Where shall we meet in Fulham?

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Wine tasting is one of those activities that I have avoided for years on the grounds that the wine buffs I've come across have often provided as much offence to their hostess at dinner parties as people on the Hay diet, by simply pulling sour faces about what was in their glass.

So it's with a small amount of trepidation that I go to attend the first of Robert Joseph's series of wine and food "experiences" at 755, an adorable little restaurant on the Fulham Road.

Robert is a delightfully unstuffy type of wine buff, with a cheerful, inclusive style. 755 is the baby of husband-and-wife team Alan and Georgina Thompson: Aussie Alan was New Zealand Junior Chef of the Year in 1991, and can vie comfortably with anything the Sugar Club has to offer.

We spent a jolly hour sniffing and tasting such delights as crisps, tartaric acid, tannin and glycerol, followed by a series of French and New World wines. Then we moved on to a degustation dinner of three starters, three main courses and two puddings, accompanied by eight wines which spanned much of the spectrum of wine-producing countries.

Dinner, a selection of bonnes bouches from the menu upstairs, consisted of: Thai seafood cappuccino soup with coriander, foie gras parfait, wild mushroom bruschetta with truffle paste and roquette, seared salmon with green lip mussels, tomato and saffron, roast pigeon with braised white bean casserole, grilled peppers with goat's cheese and pesto, rhubarb fool with ginger and chewy chocolate brownie with plum compote: it was fascinating to compare how a nice Riesling went with the seafood soup.

The evenings cost pounds 50 a head, which may sound like a lot, but you'd spend that on dinner and the theatre, and I'd defy you to have more fun.

755, 755 Fulham Rd, SW6 (0171-371 0755)

Future evenings on 9 and 23 March, 6 and 20 April, 4 May. Call the number above for details/reservations


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