Review: Adam Bloom

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Adam Bloom

When you die, you go to heaven and they play you a video of your whole life. This much we know. But it took to insert a window in the bottom right-hand corner with you holding your head in mock horror and going, "Oh, no!" If this young comedian's life is a practical joke being played by a celestial Jeremy Beadle, then he is no match for his earthly counterpart. Bloom is a hit. With original, thoughtful material on everything from irons (when the light's off, the iron is either stone cold or red hot) to sexism ("I'm not the sort of bloke who calls girls 'birds' - am I, Sweetheart?"), and a manner that is energetic without being puppyish, he makes an hour pass very easily. No puns, no ersatz nostalgia - just pure -ness. Watch out, Bloom will soon be about.

Cafe Royal. To 31 Aug