Review: Godzilla (PG)

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Godzilla (PG)

There is scarcely one minute of Godzilla when you feel moved to any reaction, let alone one of terror or excitement. The team of Roland Emmerich (director and co-writer) and Dean Devlin (producer and co-writer) are generally adept at constructing enjoyable adventures with a B-movie taste for fun. But their light, persuasive touch evades them on this film.

The script tosses in characters and conflicts which aren't followed through, and it doesn't take long for it all to descend from a nuclear-age parable (Godzilla is created after nuclear testing in France) to a numb, dumb succession of chases.

It's hard to imagine who might actually get a kick out of Godzilla, except for disgruntled New Yorkers who might like to imagine their city starting again from scratch. On release.