Review: The Sisters

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The Sisters

It's the end of the century, and tearing Chekhov apart is suddenly all the rage. Scarlet Theatre's knockabout take on Three Sisters looks at the relationships between the sisters themselves, their upwardly mobile in-law and the ancient servant who here seems to be keeping the whole thing together. Physical tics and belly laughs abound in this quirky, perky, and occasionally jerky production which condenses things to a neat 75 minutes. Polish director Andrzej Sadowski certainly brings out more light than shade, though whether it adds anything which isn't already in Chekhov's original is debateable. Perhaps, if the gals had at least got a day trip to Moscow it might have spirited them and us into new pastures. Performed with winning charm and healthy irreverence, it captures the full stagnant ennui of the sisters' lives, but no more.

Theatre Workshop. To 31 Aug