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Pleasance (venue 3), 60 The Pleasance (0131-556 6550), 11.59pm; to 2 Sept

Cluub Zarathustra is an insult to the intelligence of fringe audiences. And it has been lovingly crafted to ensure maximum distress. There's a slide projector ("Attention, scum. You are nothing. Absolutely nothing. Behold superiority"), ear-bashing drum-rolls, and - rising above it all - Simon Munnery, bastard son of Friedrich Nietzsche. Peering disdainfully through NHS specs, Munnery hectors with an accent that couples unhinged Brummie with middle-European Johnny Rotten. It's a dangerous game - he has to keep one step ahead of the "sub-worms" he's ridiculing - but, thankfully, he sends himself up at the very moment that he utters his most portentous pronouncements.