reviews: Kaddish

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Billed as a multi-media spectacle, this monumental testament of the Jewish experience is actually a thematic, hi-tech concert by the tellingly named Towering Inferno, with huge back projections depicting the march of Fascism and the attempted destruction of a race. Whether you'd get the theme without the visuals is debatable, but either way the music is ear-splittingly intense. One moment avant-garde, the next a haunting lament, all the while punctuated by ferocious martial drumming. The overall effect isn't that far away from the path Test Department and Laibach have been thundering along for the past 15 years, though with less posturing and a less ambiguous intent.

Once its point is made, though, it does become a tad wearing, but the moments when sound and vision synthesise as one blurring sensory overload are thrilling to experience. A brave venture for all concerned, but don't expect an easy ride.

n Assembly Rooms (venue 3). To 29 Aug (not 19)