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I first heard this when I was at high school in the States. I saw the video on TV, I dug the song and I knew it had to be British. It's very strange, very strong and uplifting - the vibes, those African-sounding drums and bass, the complexity of the music. It's all very earthly.

After that, I got the album and all the singles; I became a real Soul II Soul groupie. I actually met Jazzie B about three or four years ago, when I was working on my demos. And I have to say that even though we're like homies now, I still get a bit starstruck whenever he's around - this man is my inspiration.

The words to the song really mean a lot to me: "Keep on movin', don't stop now, whatever you do...' British soul was in a bad way then, and it still is now, but it felt to me like Soul II Soul really made a difference. They weren't bragging the way other groups were, or doing that X-rated shit. Actually, I shouldn't say that - I've got a couple of X-rated things on my own album.