Right of Reply

One of the Beano's most popular figures responds to John Walsh's criticisms of the comic
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HELLO READERS! Dad has let me out specially because he saw that I haven't been so red-like-a-tomato and mad since Walter tried to make me an honourary softy!!!! Your comic has a character called John Walsh who tries to be a menace but who looks to me very like softy Walter. There he goes prancing around in his scented column, scattering blooms. A prime target for Menacing! Just like Walter, he has no idea about what is going on in Beanotown so, as I fine-tune the targeting mechanism of my peashooter, let me have a word with you about what he said.

Softy Walsh says that we are more cautious than we used to be. He obviously hasn't met Gnasher lately who is ready to show him precisely how un-cautious he can be. Or the Bash Street Kids who are still un-cautiously giving teacher the run-around. Softy Walsh also ought to get his facts right: it's not 'Erbert but Wilfred who still wears his jumper pulled up just under his nose. Grrrrrr!

And - whooosh! - Billy Whizz may be the quickest kid in Beanotown - or anywhere - but he's not new, he's been running around here since 1964. So it must be a long time indeed since Walsh looked.

Then there's the romance, which, oddly for a softy, he doesn't like. He is right there. Romance is yukky. [Beano Reader's voice: It may not be what you like, Dennis, but we loyal readers enjoy Crazy for Daisy. So there.] Beanotown is more commercial than it used to be, but then so is everything, even menacing. (Rodger the Dodger helps us with the money- making schemes).

I'm off in the Menacemobile now to our 60th anniversary pie-eating party at the Town Hall. Softy Walsh had better be there. But, readers, you can join me at our super web-site www.beano.co.uk. See you.