Right of Reply: Ian Greenwood

Bradford Council's leader responds to Ann Treneman's article on the Ravenscliffe estate
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THE VAST majority of residents on the Ravenscliffe estate are decent, law-abiding citizens. However, there are a small number of people who do make life difficult for their neighbours, and they are the ones the new anti-social behaviour orders are designed to deal with.

Many residents are working closely with Bradford Council and the police to improve the quality of life on the estate. There is also a whole range of initiatives already in place on this estate and in other parts of Bradford, and these are helping to tackle the problems of anti-social behaviour and crime.

Among these are our tenancy enforcement and mediation teams, which have received national recognition for their work.

We also have an equally successful anti-crime partnership with the police. The drop in crime on the Ravenscliffe speaks for itself - the number of burglaries is well below the district average. In the last year we have been working with other agencies to make the area a place people want to live in, and this year 118 new tenants have already moved on to the estate.

Ravenscliffe was also chosen to pioneer a Safer Estate Agreement - a joint initiative designed to cut vandalism and crime through an increased police presence and investment in door and window locks, burglar alarms and other security measures. The aim is to improve people's lives by making them feel more secure in their homes.

We are in a strong position to cope with the new powers because we have successful tenancy enforcement and mediation teams and a good relationship with the police. And we are already working with local communities through the council's neighbourhood forums and residents' groups.