Right of Reply: Pat Robertson

The evangelist replies to our criticisms of his relationship with the Bank of Scotland
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I MUST say I have been surprised and taken aback by some of what has been written about me following the deal between Robertson Financial Services Inc and the Bank of Scotland, and the article in The Independent on 14 April, "One hell of a deal", contained many inaccuracies.

As a committed Christian my faith is at the centre of my life and all that I do. The relationship with the Bank of Scotland is nothing more than a business venture based on sound business principles. As far as I am concerned, I cannot be separated into different parts and I will bring my faith and my principles to any venture in which I become involved. So far as I am concerned my Christian beliefs and my integrity should not cause concerns or alarm to anyone - quite the opposite!

For reasons that are far from clear to me, my views and beliefs have been distorted beyond recognition. For those in Britain who know little or nothing about me, let me say that I abhor bigots and bigotry. I denounce racists and racism. I condemn those who are intolerant and resort to violence. Discrimination in whatever form or guise has no part in my beliefs or my life.

I do not apologise for advocating and arguing for what I consider traditional values. To some they may seem conservative or outdated, to me they are the basis of what I believe. I hope that my right to hold these views and argue for them will be respected in just the same way that I will argue for and respect the rights of others who hold different views. I am a Christian in a democracy. It is important for me to argue for what I believe but it is also important to recognise and respect the views of others.

I am hopeful that understanding and mutual respect will triumph in the end.