Right of Reply: Tim Southwell

The editor of `Loaded' responds to Deborah Orr's article criticising men's magazines
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DEBORAH ORR is 359 years old and is from another planet. She appears guilty of gross ignorance in accusing Loaded of publishing yards of "sexist jokes." It's an old trick but still popular among the so-called broadsheet literati. The trick is simple: take a contentious issue (ie "How women appearing in states of undress in magazines encourages evil men to perform hideous sex crimes on innocent women and children"), then make ill-informed swipes at Loaded to validate the article's existence.

We can hardly deny that we print pictures of beautiful women in sexy poses, but the suggestion that there is some kind of link between the existence of Loaded and a 10-year-old girl phoning Childline because she's pregnant, is preposterous.

Evil people do evil things to innocent people not because of something they've seen in a magazine but because their pathetic, Meccano-like brains have, for some reason of genetic malfunction, decided that it's time for them to do something bad to someone.

The assertion that Loaded is full of "sexist jokes" is utterly insulting not just to us at the magazine but also to our million readers. We're far more likely to fill the magazine with self-effacing jokes about men. The very notion that there are men out there who act boorishly and think it's cool to pinch a young lady's behind without her permission is as odious to us as it is to women.

The current issue of Loaded features brilliantly written articles on Don King, Russia's heroin problem, Robert Carlyle, treasure-hunting in the Guatemalan jungle and the Dice Man. Does that sound like a magazine obsessed with naked female flesh? Please read Loaded. Or, to put it in another way, get with it, Grandma.