ROCK / WORLD MUSIC: 'And tomorrow the world'

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Now and then the jaded English palate

Hungers for a more exotic sound

Spreads its numerous tendrils on the planet

And wraps them round.

Record shops resemble now a deli

Halva, humus, brisling or ricotta

Something foreign for your soul or belly

Ofra Haza? Yes we've got her.

Clothing problems in the bars of London

Dancing to Les Negresses Vertes or Pogues

What to wear: the Andes hat and blanket?

Or djellaba and brogues?

Gherkins from Bulgaria then voices

Amazon guarana then its pipes

Did you spill my psycho-active drink pal?

Wild boys these media types.

Africa - a warning with each soundtrack

Do not try these rhythms out at home

See you at the world percussion workshop

Bring a coke tin and a comb.

After this a concert on the Koto

Followed by some wind flutes from Bolivia

Andy Kershaw, many now will blame you

Some of us forgivia.