Roll out the barrel

Things to do, places to go this weekend
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An apple a day not only keeps armies of slavering physicians away, but also helps conserve orchards and wildlife. Of course, we're not talking plastic French rubbish, but good old British apples. Today is National Apple Day, organised by Common Ground, and appletastic events are taking place all over. There's the carnival in Taunton, where teams will be rolling nine- gallon cider barrels up a half-mile hill, followed by an illuminated procession of 110 floats. At the Brandy Wharf Cider Centre, nr Gainsborough, Lincs, there will be apple-and-spoon races and hundreds of ciders to taste, while tomorrow at the Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole, Yorks, activities will include a science raid. Or organise your own apple games: apple bobbing, fork apple and, um, pin the maggot on the apple. Yum.

See local press for a National Apple Day event near you