Royal Mail Competition: The answer is a lemon

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JOHN WATSON M D was looking pensive. Idly gnawing the end of a pencil, he scratched his head, folded his newspaper and put it down, with a sigh.

'Still puzzling over those Royal Mail puzzles, Watson?', asked Sherlock Holmes. 'You've missed the deadline for entering their competition, you know.'

'I'd still like to know the answers,' said the doctor, as he stood up to leave.

'United States, Stradivarius, Athens, pounds 1.33 and The Napoleon of Crime,' said Holmes, brusquely.

'But why . . . ' spluttered Watson.

'I thought I explained it all at the time', answered the great detective. 'Don't forget to water the citrus limon on your way out.'

'What's a citrus limon, Holmes', asked Dr Watson.

'A lemon tree, my dear Watson'.

The winner of the Royal Mail Sherlock Holmes competition and the week's holiday in Switzerland is Andrew Charters of Manchester. The runners up, who will each receive a copy of The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes are Mrs B Cox of Plymouth, R Mann of Moreton-in-Marsh and Peter Harris of Rugby.