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WHATEVER BECAME of Emily Lloyd (right)? She has sadly failed to fulfil the dazzling potential she showed in her debut film, Wish You Were Here (10pm FilmFour). In David Leland's splendidly evocative picture, she is perfectly cast as Lynda, a feisty 16-year-old living in a sleepy seaside town during the 1950s. Missing her dead mother, she seeks attention with some quite outrageous behaviour. This soon spirals into an ill-fated affair with an older man (Tom Bell) who is a sleazy friend of her father's.

Bruce Willis, dressed only in a grubby white vest and a pair of combat-trousers, the character her plays routinely defying absurd odds to triumph over hordes of baddies, is one of the icons of modern cinema. The enduring appeal of the Die Hard star is examined in today's Action Heroes (2.15pm Sky Moviemax).