Satellite and Cable: Pick of the Day

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HAVING CAUSED something of a storm when it was released in the cinema for romanticising the IRA, The Devil's Own (10pm Sky Premier) receives its satellite premiere tonight. The late Alan J Pakula's muddled film has Brad Pitt miscast as an IRA arms-dealer who lodges with an unwitting New York cop (Harrison Ford, right) during a mission to buy missiles. When the policeman uncovers the plan, he face an ethical dilemma.

After quite a few years spent drifting along in neutral, Michael Caine has hit top gear with his acclaimed performance as the sleazy agent, Ray Say, in Little Voice. Many think it an outrage that this performance has been overlooked in this year's Oscar nominations. The career of one of our most perennially popular and talented screen actors is traced in tonight's Biography (7pm History Channel).