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THE CAST OF Friends have not always had the greatest success when transferring from the small to the big screen. But Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (9pm Sky Moviemax) was one of the more popular movie outings for a star from the hit sitcom. In this likeable, if lightweight, offering from David Mirkin, Lisa Kudrow - who plays Phoebe in Friends - and Mira Sorvino (right, an Oscar- winner for Mighty Aphrodite), play a pair of misfits who pretend to be successful so they can attend their high-school reunion. However, they are soon in danger of being rumbled by an old classmate (Janeane Garofalo from The Larry Sanders Show).

Mikhail Gobachev, the architect of the reform of the Soviet Union, was recently reported to be broke. His extraordinary career is charted in tonight's Biography (9pm History Channel).