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NO ONE WOULD ever accuse film-makers Jim Abrahams and David Zucker of being intellectuals. But that's their strength. Their films glory in dumb and dumber visual and verbal gags - remember the singing nun whose swinging guitar knocked out a sick girl's life-support system in Airplane! In the Airplane!, Naked Gun and Hot Shots cycles - often aided by the deadpan comic skills of actor Leslie Nielsen - they display an infantile delight in puncturing pomposity. Their uniquely daft sense of humour is celebrated in The Directors (12noon Sky Premier).

Surfing, with its quasi-mythical overtones, has long been an attractive theme for film-makers. Kathryn Bigelow uses it well as a backdrop for Point Break (10pm FilmFour), a neat crime thriller starring Keanu Reeves (right) and Patrick Swayze.