Satellite and Cable; Pick of the Day

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LA CONFIDENTIAL (10pm Sky Premier), a marvellous film noir from Curtis Hanson, receives its satellite premiere tonight. In the labyrinthine plot, set in the LA of 1953, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce play ill-matched detectives - one a sledgehammer, the other a rapier - who team up to investigate corruption within their own ranks. It is such a classy film that stars such as Danny DeVito and Kevin Spacey were prepared to take supporting roles. Kim Basinger deservedly won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar as the upmarket call-girl with whom both Crowe and Pearce become involved.

In today's Live Rugby: England vs France (2pm Sky Sports 2), the home side are already the only team that could win the Grand Slam. But despite their shock defeat to Wales, you write off England's old adversaries, France, at your peril.