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THE CAREER of Mickey Rourke (right) seems to be pretty down in the dumps at present, but there was a period in the 1980s when he was making such films as Rumblefish and Angel Heart and was one of Hollywood's hot properties. Year of the Dragon (11pm Sky Moviemax) stems from that "hot" spell. It suffers from a typically overblown script by Oliver Stone (from a novel by Robert Daley) and the sort of over-the-top violence that is characteristic of director Michael Cimino post-The Deer Hunter. However, Rourke is magnetic as the troubled Vietnam veteran turned New York cop who wages a one-man crusade against the drugs trade in Chinatown.

Abba-mania is gripping the country on the 25th anniversary of their victory at the Eurovision Song Contest. Celebrate with Abba Live at the Beatclub (9pm VH-1).