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FILM-MAKERS have used snakes to memorable effect in films such as Live and Let Die and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Tonight's serpentine double-bill slithers in with Anaconda (9pm Sky MovieMax). In this entertaining hokum, a documentary crew on the Amazon do battle with a killer snake. It stars Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Jon Voight and - thanks to her sizzling performance opposite George Clooney in Out of Sight - Hollywood's current hottest property, Jennifer Lopez (right). This is followed by Rattled (10.30pm), in which hundreds of rattlesnakes invade a small town inhabited by William Katt, an architect with reptile phobia.

Lyndon B Johnson, the 36th US President, was a man of contradictory qualities. Profiled in tonight's Biography (9pm History Channel), he worked for both civil-rights reform and involvement in the Vietnam War.